How our beliefs guide us in our daily work

Our beliefs describe our attitude to life, our approach to challenges and our performance in how we deliver results. Together with our brand promise, they give us the guidance we need to act in line with our brand in our daily work and to set and achieve our goals. Our beliefs are reflected in everything we do. They are the basis for how we look, sound, speak and act.

Our attitude: optimistically bold.

Past wins and experiences encourage us to keep doing what we do. With a positive mindset, we are brave enough to take risks to achieve our goals. We see opportunities as a greater driver than fear.

  • Fear of failure, change and risk taking leading to inaction and delayed decisions
  • Discouraging innovation through self-doubt or a lack of belief in others capabilities
  • Dependence on validation and seeking permission
  • Taking calculated risks
  • Aiming high while remaining grounded in reality to set ambitious yet achievable goals
  • Embracing challenges as opportunities
  • Trying to do everything at once due to a lack of focus and prioritisation
  • Absence of mindfulness at work, overpacing and taking on too much work
  • Naive optimism and unrealistic goals
Our approach: appreciatively challenging.

We are experts in what we do. We are honest and challenge ourselves, others and the status quo. In doing so, we listen and discuss at eye level to find and deliver advanced, impactful solutions together. This is the basis of respectful and cooperative teamwork across all areas of our company.

  • Holding back constructive feedback and adopting a „not my job, not my problem“ mindset
  • Reluctant to actively seek or embrace constructive feedback
  • Staying in the comfort zone and avoiding efforts
  • Accepting unquestioningly, without understanding the „why“
  • Conflict aversion
  • Considering respectful and constructive feedback as an opportunity to develop and grow
  • Appreciating and asking for ideas, even if you don’t agree with them
  • Embracing failure and recognising achievements
  • Focusing too much on problems instead of acting in a solution-oriented manner
  • Lack of acknowledging others abilities and efforts
  • Setting unreachable goals
Our performance: great by simplicity.

Focused, straightforward and lean – that’s how we get the job done. How we act and react quickly to the market and improve continuously. And how we deliver a positive impact at all times. Through our user-centric mindset, we empower others to excel.

  • Overcomplicating and overthinking
  • Settling for mediocrity
  • Tedious and long decision processes
  • Not focused on results, outcomes and values
  • Striving for lean and efficient processes while continuously improving and simplifying complexity
  • Fast testing, learning and adapting
  • Leveraging feedback for innovative outcomes
  • Consider cost impact ratio as a basis for decision-making
  • Deliver excellence by keeping complexity as low as needed
  • Building the simple thing first and acknowledging the worth of „good enough“ over perfection
  • Oversimplifying and avoiding challenges
  • Working towards the wrong goals by getting lost in processes and frameworks
  • Missing real value by focusing only on outputs not on outcomes