How to use your development budget

The development budget supports the personal and professional growth of our employees. We believe that developing employees is one of the most important tasks we have. True to the motto “What if we don’t invest in them and they stay?”.  With our continuous feedback cycles we want to create an environment where every employee can develop on a continuous basis.

Quick facts

  • Developing and supporting our employees is one of the top priorities at Alasco
  • Every FTE (full time employee) is entitled to 2000 € (incl. VAT) Development Budget per Year. Working students and interns receive 500€ p.a..
  • On top we offer each FTE 3 extra days solely for the purpose of personal and professional development

What is the development budget?

Every full-time employee at Alasco  is entitled to the development budget. It consists

  • Of a monetary budget of 2000€ (incl. VAT)
  • 3 extra days (development days)

per year and can not be accumulated. The budget will be renewed every January for all full-time employees. Interns and working students receive 500€ p.a. and one extra day off.

What can the monetary development budget be used for?

We do not have a strict list of what falls under the development budget as some personal developments are beneficial to an employees professional development only at second sight. Most commonly, employees have used their development budget to:

  • purchase literature
  • take online courses
  • obtain certifications
  • attend Workshops, seminars, trainings & conferences
  • pay for their travel costs & accommodation

Is there a restriction for taking development days?

Development days can be used to attend workshops, training and conferences and can be requested through our HR Management tool.

When can the development budget be used?

The development budget can only be used from an employee’s first day onwards. It does exclude specializations or certifications prior to employment at Alasco. Since the development budget is renewed annually a new employee will receive a pro rate development budget on their first day. (i.e. 1000€ and 1,5 days for someone starting in June).

How does an employee decide which courses to take?

As mentioned above, the intention of the yearly development budget is to develop yourself constantly. During the quarterly feedback and 1:1s with the respective supervisor, the employee will elaborate on career paths, skills to develop or certifications to obtain .During these meetings they will discuss and brainstorm different development initiatives and ideas that the development can be used for.

What happens with the material purchased by an employee?

All learning materials and course information belong to the employee. Purchased books belong to Alasco, but can be used privately.